Lakeland Community Hospital is consistently striving to provide our patients with top-notch health care. Along with the highest commitment to customer service, we are dedicated to bringing Winston County and its surrounding areas advancements in medical technologies that allow our patients to be treated right here in Haleyville.

Aquilion 16-slice CT ScannerCT Scan

Lakeland Community Hospital is proud to use the Aquilion 16-slice CT scanner. This state-of-the-art equipment can produce images of the body in a matter of seconds. The CT scanner can rotate around the patient's body in 400 milliseconds, providing 16 anatomical slices with excellent clarity. This technology allows physicians to view the brain, chest, and pelvis and gives doctors a look at moving organs such as the heart and lungs.


Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive substances to image the body and treat disease. Nuclear medicine looks at both the physiology (functioning) and the anatomy of the body in establishing diagnosis and treatment. Radiation helps doctors see deeper inside the human body than they ever could. Doctors can use a variety of non-invasive techniques to see inside the body. Some of these techniques include things like X-rays, MRI scanners, CAT scans, ultrasound and so on.

Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages that make them useful for different conditions and different parts of the body. Nuclear medicine imaging gives doctors another way to look inside the human body. Nuclear medicine combines the use of computers, detectors, and radioactive substances.

The use of any specific test depends upon the patient's symptoms and the disease being diagnosed. Basically a radioactive substance, when injected into the body, collects in tissue. The substance accumulates in areas of high metabolic activity, and so the image shows "bright spots" of high activity and "dark spots" of low activity.

An example is a heart test (stress test). This test will reveal changes in blood flow to the working heart. We are glad to offer nuclear medicine in Haleyville. Only a few years back, tests of this kind could only be done in large metropolitan cities like Birmingham.